Welcome to PlusVolta.com

By Jeff Chamberlain, CEO

After months of planning and coordination between the Volta team, our partners, and peers from across multiple industries, we are proud to officially launch Volta Energy Technologies.

Thank you for taking time to learn about the Volta model and how we intend to identify, validate, and invest in breakthrough energy storage and battery technologies. This site highlights the opportunities of what the Volta model means for both investors and entrepreneurs. But why are we launching this effort now?

Coupled with renewable generation and electric vehicles, energy storage technology will fundamentally shift the way we produce, distribute, and use energy.  The worldwide advanced battery and storage market is projected to rise from $20 billion today to more than $100 billion within a decade. Yet bringing rapidly-advancing technology to market remains a principal challenge for the industry. Often, venture and equity investors lack the technical depth and patience required to advance innovations from lab to market.  And, while national laboratories are performing groundbreaking research, it is not in their scope to directly commercialize the resulting breakthrough innovations. Volta’s model bridges these gaps and offers a solution.

We will announce technological breakthroughs, investments, and partnerships, and share any other relevant news here in the Updates section as well as on Twitter, so please check back soon or follow us in the weeks and months ahead.

Additionally, you can always reach us at info@plusvolta.com for any inquiries or if you’d like to work with us going forward.